PGP Induction Program 2013-15 Batch

Indira School of Career Studies had their ‘Induction Program’ for PGP-2013-15 batch on 17th July 2013.

We had invited Mr. Prashant Ambulgekar, Vice President - HR, Marvel Realtors, Pune to grace the occasion as Chief Guest. He spoke on ‘Expectation of corporate from students’.

Chairperson IGI, Dr. Tarita Shankar & Group Director IGI, Prof. Chetan Wakalkar was also present to welcome and share their words of wisdom to all newcomers.

Executive Director ISCS, Prof. PK Divakaran and Deputy Director ISCS, Prof. Raji Thomas also shared their thoughts. 

Overall the session was on profound choices, past experiences, exponential times, decision making & corporate expectations.

Following are some moments captured by our own senior students.


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