Changing Attitude of Consumers towards Ayurvedic Medicines

Due to lack of cure for chronic diseases and side effects of conventional medicines, developed countries have started looking toward Ayurveda for treatments to restore wellness of their citizens. Modern medicine is mostly governed by the demand for evidence-based practice. Traditional medicines, an age-old heritage inherited from years of experience, are bound to contain some valuable elements but inevitably they also contain some ingredients which are no longer useful. The methods of cure related to Ayurvedic massages,herbal therapy, yoga and traditional surgery are catching everyone’s attention very fast and promise to be the next big thing in the medical and wellness industry. The business prospects amounts to a $20 billion ready market, which is growing at a very fast rate and would become a $5 trillion market worldwide by 2050. Large portions of this market would be centered in India being the origin of Ayurveda.  The reason for this renewed interest of herbal products can be attributed to the ever increasing evidence of the harmful side effects of modern synthetic products. Hence, scientific knowledge of the Ayurvedic/herbal drugs has to be transmitted in a systematic manner to compete the international market and provide consumer satisfaction. Ayurveda has a brilliant future
in India as a business proposition due to the ever increasing demand for natural therapies.
Research article by Dr.Suvarna M. Deshpande, International Journal of Business and Management Invention, ISSN (Online): 2319 – 8028, ISSN (Print): 2319 – 801X || Volume 4 Issue 6|| June. 2015 || PP-48-54 48 | Page


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