The Indira School of Communication, a prominent media school in Pune celebrated its 10th Induction Day for its new batches of undergraduate and postgraduate students on Friday, July 19, 2013, at the Tapasya Auditorium in the Indira Group of Institute’s Tathawade campus. The ISC offers under graduate and post graduate courses in media studies.

ISC celebrated the day on a specially devised theme, ‘Gutterrr se Twitter tak’, depicting the evolution of communication from ancient days to the ultra modern digital age. Speaking on the occasion, the chairperson of the Indira Group of Institutes, Dr. Tarita Shankar said that the media industry holds a great promise for the current young generations. Elucidating the fact that India has nearly more than 70,000 publications and that most of them are present in tier II and tier III cities of the country, the educationist stressed the need to focus on careers in smaller cities. “All the action is happening in tier II and tier III cities and there is a huge scope for all to have media careers beyond metros”, she averred.  She urged the new students to handle media judiciously.

The Chief guest for the day, Ashraf Engineer, eminent journalist and Vice President at MSL India, who spoke about the emerging patterns in media and communication stressed the growing presence of social and digital media in today’s age. “The news curve has become shorter on digital media as compared to traditional media as the time for breaking news to go through a cyclical pattern before it is archived is much shorter”, he explained adding, the concept of breaking news is fast changing. News is consumed in bits throughout the day via various media, thus changing its form, the media expert said.

Speaking to the students, the Group Director of the Indira Group of Institutes, Prof. Chetan Wakalkar said that there is a huge growth in the telecom and media sectors. “We are living in exponential times and there is huge media boom with social media and internet fast evolving”, he said.  A short film on the evolution of communication from pre historic times to the current age of touch screen technology was specially made and exhibited by the students at ISC.

Rinku Nagpal, Manager, Placements, ISC, proposed a vote of thanks.


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