The 6th Indira International Innovation Summit

The 6th Indira International Innovation Summit
4th Engineering Excellence awards 

Indira college of Engineering and Management, a part of the Indira group of Institutes, recently organized the 6th edition of the annual “Indira International Innovation summit” and announced the winners for the 4th “Engineering Excellence awards - 2012”.

With the theme being ‘Competitive Edge: Driving Growth and Profitability through Innovation’, the key focus areas of the summit were developing an innovation culture; evaluating risk taking - innovation vis-a-vis invention; building a platform for knowledge sharing through open innovation; strategies for innovation to stay ahead of the competition; consumer-focused innovation: connect with the customers to turn insight into new products; trend spotting: anticipating the next big thing.

The summit had an overarching participation of innovators with established businesses providing tangible sustainable solutions to the business community through their initiatives. Some of the noteworthy speakers were  
Dr. Bert Grobben Senior Open Innovation Manager - Proctor & Gamble Asia Pacific
Mr. Praveen Vettiyattil CEO & Serial Innovator - Sharada Solutions
Mr. Gerard Rego Director - Ecosystem & Developer Experience, Nokia India
Mr. Pradip Subramaniam Director - Innovation & Development Philips Electronics - Consumer Lifestyle
Dr. Premnath Venugopaloan Head – NCL Innovations & Intellectual Property Group
Dr. Arun Pande V.P & Head – Innovation Labs, Tata Consultancy Services
Dr. Venkateswaran Sr. Vice President & CTO, Persistent Systems Ltd.
Mr. Dattatreya Gaur Vice President –Engineering, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions India Ltd.
Mr. Prashant Pansare MD & CEO, Inteliment Technologies India

Towards recognizing the innovative work being done by successful engineers from the Senior leadership team of various engineering organizations, 6 engineers were awarded with the “Engineering Excellence awards” for the year 2012. They were 

Mr. Mateesh Kant Rai
Director, Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Jagdish Gandhe
Senior Vice President - Manufacturing Engineering, Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Nitin Mahashabde
Head – Operations Insurance BU, L & T Infotech
Mr. Vinayak Shendkar
Engineering Director, Faurecia Interior Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Deepak Manjarekar
Head – Business Intelligence Practice, KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd.
Mr. Neeraj Shah
Director – Silver bright.

Students of the Indira Group witnessed a value-added, learning experience encompassing real life, practical business knowledge as each participant discussed their journey, highlighting the importance of innovation and self belief. 


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