๑۞๑ 19th Foundation day at Indira Group Of Institutes ๑۞๑

~19th Foundation Day in Indira Group Of Institutes ~

Today was the day when various campuses of Indira Group was painted green, white blue & red! To celebrate vibrant success of 18 years, our students stand out with ravishing performances on the 5th eve.

From a seedling to a big tree, Indira Group has entered at its maturity imparting quality education in the field of Management/IT/Engineering/pharmacy/communication/Event and Acting  .

The glory of the Chairperson, IGI, Dr. Tarita Shankar, Group Director IGI, Prof. Chetan Wakalkar, directors and the deputy directors gave a blaze to the event at various Campuses of Indira Group.

The day marked its importance since 18 years back Indira Group started its journey with just 60 students But today 8000 students are under the ages of the Shree chanakya education society.

This was the day when the first seed was sowed in 1994 by Dr. Tarita Shankar and Prof. Chetan Wakalkar with a  vision to impart education and benefit the Society at large. And then, began the saga of growth where today Indira has institutes under multiple streams like Engineering, Management, Mass Communication, Commerce, Science, etc educating thousands of students coming to Pune from across nation.

The intention of celebration was to pay tribute and express gratitude towards the efforts of the Founders of the Institute.
Also, it was with a blend of colorful teacher’s day celebration.

From greetings to banners and messages by students for the wonderful Teacher’s  made the day even special. The programme was jointly hosted by Indira Kids(Baner & Aundh) and INS. Several games from Bollywood quiz to antakshari brought people closer.

The new bright & graceful day tantalized evryone with the mesmerizing performances. Representing the gamut of talent in classical to hip hop, from skits to academic cerebral blay, it was a virtual pot pours of endowment. Book exhibition was also inaugurated at Indira College of Pharmacy

The assortment of all the cultures and traditions were seen on a single platform Along with  spirit of teacher’s day and bliss of foundation day was celebrated together.

A breeze of a strong bond of unity at Indira Group could be felt all over the place. Held hands in hand the directors ,Dy. Director , HODs stepped over at all the colleges under Indira Groups and admired the performances . This was indeed marked the spirit of oneness.

At Indira Group we provide and reward the excellence hence “Jewels of Indira” were declared on this auspicious occasion where the contribution of the staff was endorsed by the management  .there was a complete zeal and enthusiasm after the event both amongst the staff members and also amongst the student.

The day ended with bliss of affection and togetherness among the Indiraites.


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